The cost-effective ISDN replacement

  • For interviews, outside broadcast and voice-over.
  • No special hardware or software required.
  • Works anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Runs in Chrome web browser.
  • It just works!

ipDTL Network

Mapping the world of ipDTL users

  • Find a studio anywhere in the world
  • Search for Voice Talent
  • See which Radio Stations are 'ipDTL ready'
  • Find an expert to talk on any subject
  • Contact sound engineers and journalists

Remote Contribution Terminal

Installation and Remote Management (UK only)

  • Installed in the home or office.
  • Allows live interviews on TV and radio.
  • Broadcast quality microphone.
  • HD camera, earpiece and headphones.
  • Remotely Managed by our technicians.