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Paul Berry - 'Voiceover Paul'


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Capital FM, UK


ipDTL - HQ Audio for Voice Sessions

Guy Harris' studio - VoiceoverGuy, UK



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About Us

Kevin Leach



In:Quality is a small business startup which began trading in the UK in 2013.  It is owned and operated by Kevin Leach – a former radio presenter and BBC sound engineer.

We are proudly based in Manchester in the north of England.

Our vision is to make remote broadcasting affordable to all sectors of the media with minimal environmental impact.



Environmental responsibility is at the core of our business…

  • We have no premises – we work from home or on the move.
  • We do not own a motor car.
  • We have saved broadcasters and voice talent tens of thousands of miles of travel worldwide since 2013.
  • ipDTL requires no proprietary hardware.
  • We travel only when necessary and conduct most business across the internet.