ipDTL Comrex Compatibility
It’s now even easier to connect ipDTL to a radio station or studio with an existing Comrex ACCESS installation.  Using the SIP protocol, ipDTL can connect to the Comrex unit without the need for a computer at the receiving end.  Take a look at our simple PDF Guide.




– For BETA purposes the ipDTL SIP server is in Europe.  This will result in latency (delay) for some users.
– Other SIP enabled devices or apps may also be used although no support is offered at this stage (OPUS / G722).
– While this development increases compatibility we continue to recommend using ipDTL between two computers for an optimum high-quality peer-to-peer connection.


Other News in brief…
– ipDTL is now available in 5 different languages…and counting.
– New improved layout of main ipDTL web interface.  Take a look.
– Old style numerical Link+ address will soon be retired. Check your address under the ‘link’ tab.