• @jaycowit: "ipDTL working really well for us thus far! Crystal clear, no dropouts...@TheTakeaway is becoming a fan."

  • @richcopevoice: "Just heard back a recording of myself down the line after a test with a colleague and there's no doubt, at 128 #ipDTL sounds stunning"

  • ‏@JamesKnightTV: Just tested @ipDTL with ‏@RickyBigFish - all worked perfectly @ 128kbps with excellent send/receive audio quality & no glitches.

  • @PaulMcNally:
    Just finished a week of breakfast shows from home using @ipDTL - very impressed.



My experience has been extremely good. It sounds good, it's easy to set up, I'm a Google Chrome browser user anyway, so I have no complaints with that. It just works, and it's arrived just in time, given that I finally let go of my ISDN account.

Steve Cunningham, Radio and Production Magazine

I recently came across a new service which enables a studio to studio high quality audio connection via a web browser. I spoke with Kevin Leach, founder of ipDTL so he could explain how easy and affordable it is as an alternative to ISDN.

Daryl Missen, Radio Today - Australasia

Vuol dire che, da oggi, semplicemente visitando e accedendo con il proprio account sarà possibile andare in onda ad alta qualità e registrare spot e voice over con la sicurezza che chi ci ascolta non senta fruscii o salti e, cosa piu' importante, con una latenza bassissima.

Mario Loreti,

IP-DTL offers broadcast quality connections. The founder recently won the Radio Academy Technical Innovation award at the annual UK Radio Festival. Asia Radio Today caught up with Kevin Leach, the man behind IP-DTL.

Asia Radio Today


As a studio based in Dubai, we outsource most of our English voice talent from abroad, ipDTL saved us about $50,000 dollars a year on ISDN costs! It is the first VoIP which actually works flawlessly, it’s so easy to use with no software to download or configure, and it’s practically free!

Chris Atkins, BKP Media - Realtime Casting blog

What if I told you that this week I chatted with a voice over colleague (Kevy Parr) on the other side of The Atlantic for 50 minutes, and there were no drop-outs? The audio was ISDN-quality. He was on a Mac, and I was on a PC running Windows 8.1, and both of us were connected via Wi-Fi.

Lance Blair

What I like about it so far is the relative simplicity of use. The sound quality at 128kbps is very good. Definitely up to scratch compared to ISDN at the same bit rate. It’s assuringly faithful to the original. The difference is similar to that between a WAV file and it’s mp3 counterpart.

Rich Cope

The demonstrable audio quality of ipDTL coupled with the lack of a need for extra equipment and affordable prices will surely make the service a serious contender.

Rory Auskerry

I have to say for journalists or for radio interviews this is a great opportunity and overall think this is going to open a number of possibilities. If I am honest I would embrace this more than Sound Streak because of the costing elements and if you aren’t prepared to outlay the cost of Source Connect then this is also a cheaper option.

Posy Brewer