In:Quality has been announced as the winner of the 2013 Radio Academy Technical Innovation award sponsored by Arqiva at the annual Radio Festival in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.

The annual award “celebrates technical minds throughout the industry who are thinking outside the norm, going the extra mile and achieving the extraordinary”.  The judges chose In:Quality’s Remote Contribution Terminal ahead of close competition from industry stalwarts PSquared and the Town & Country Broadcasting Group…

videolink”They have developed a system that is easy to use by the contributor, and one that doesn’t rely on proprietary hardware at the studio centre. This makes it available to all radio stations – from the largest to the  smallest. It allows broadcasters to control their costs by using a ‘pay per use’ model and reduces the need to tie up valuable OB and staff resources. The benefit of not having to transport contributors to a studio centre, or drive a radio car to them, reduces CO2 emissions, which is a major consideration for some broadcasters. The ability to get contributors and experts on air quickly and in quality will enhance programming and bring greater listener engagement.”

To coincide with the radio industry conference, In:Quality is launching IP DTL Free – a cut down version of the streaming technology used in its Remote Contribution Terminals.

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