Our cameras capture up to 1080p video at 30fps 

- The non-standard progressive frame rate is a compromise as we needed a simple high quality camera within budget which can be remotely controlled.

- We have found that this converts to interlaced HD, PAL or NTSC with perfectly acceptable results.

- The incoming stream from IP DTL will be 30fps  - conversion therefore occurs in the capture process.

- Simulrec recordings will be compressed using H264 and delivered as a 30fps .mov file.

- In any case, broadcasters will need to convert the footage to their chosen format prior to editing, therefore any conversion prior to delivery would be counter-productive

- IP DTL utilises the webRTC framework which is built into compatible web browsers. At present, we only support the use of Google Chrome.

We will liase with your MCR or NOC to establish the connection before passing it to the gallery. Our ‘Virtual Meet & Greet’ will gladly adjust white balance, focus, exposure etc on request.